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Here, in the southern reaches of the island, the Corsican mountains sweep down to the sea in an apotheosis of beaches, creeks and islets. The third largest town in Corsica, Porto-Vecchio attracts yachtsmen with its roads well protected in a cirque of cork oak-fringed hills. You won't be able to resist the lure of the beaches, some of which, like Palombaggia and Santa Giulia, rank among the most beautiful in Corsica. The beaches are only a few minutes from the Ospedale massif, an ideal spot for walking enthusiasts, with the cooling shade of its pine and cork oak forests skirting the lake. Further west, you come to the imposing wooded massif of the Alta Rocca from which emerge the summits of the Aiguilles de Bavella. At sunset these seven jagged mountain pinnacles are lit up in a blaze of glory, and whatever angle you see them from, they are a truly breathtaking sight. From the Col de Bavella, you will make your way to the Polischellu waterfalls or perhaps to the curious "trou de la bombe" piercing the rock wall, before dropping down towards the Côte des Nacres via the Solenzara Valley. Situated at the mouth of the river, Solenzara is a pretty little marina which makes a pleasant port of call in the summer months. The region is perfect for canyoning, abseiling down waterflls, rock climbing, hunting and fishing. Your southerly journey will take you to the Gulf of Pianarellu and the beautiful beaches of Saint Cyprien and Cala Rossa. Figari Tarco

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