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The Seaside

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Sea - Crystal clear waters, vast beaches of powder sand, small isolated coves and wild cliffs populated with sea eagles: Corsica offers a range of marine landscapes that are unique to the Mediterranean. With over one thousand kilometres of coastline, the island is a succession of fabulous places to swim, fish, dive or simply walk. To the northwest of the island, the Agriates beaches that you can reach through the maquis are some of the wildest beaches on the island. Further to the south, around the Rousse Isle, the Balagne beaches have vibrantly coloured rocks that rise out of turquoise water. COME TO THE BEACH!YES, BUT WHICH ONE? - In the Golfe de Porto, there are large and small beaches for you to enjoy in a protected natural setting, and the magnificent landscapes of the Calanches will amaze you. Then between Bonifacio and Porto-Vecchio, fabulous beaches stretch over kilometres, punctuated here and there by coves. Further to the north and up to Solenzara, the Cte des Nacres (mother-of-pearl coast) has sandy coves that are bathed in emerald green waters. Even at the height of summer it is not difficult to find a quiet little cove where you will feel like Robinson Crusoe. You are sure to be surprised by the temperature of the waters. Even in October swimming in the sea is still common where the water can be up to 20! Corsica's charm continues under water, with anemones, gorgonians and coral that light up the seabed with an array of colours. Corsica is a dream place to learn to dive. Fishes abound everywhere you look with scorpion fish, red mullet, sea bass, gilt-head bream all of which will delight fishing enthusiasts. Not to forget the sea urchins that will form part of memorable neals during the winter until the start of spring. Sea kayaking, jet-skiing, water skiing, harpoon fishing, fun-boarding and even surfing - you will have plenty of opportunity to practise your favourite sport in an exceptional setting. As sailing enthusasts will tell you, nothing beats a tour round Corsica by boat for an unforgettable cruise. That goes for you too; as soon as you discover the shores of Corsica, you will only want to do one thing and that is weigh anchor. Diving - Federation Francaise d'Etudes et de Sports Sous-Marins; Comite Regional Corse; 20220 Ile Rousse - Vela - Federation Francaise de Voile; Ligue Corse de Voile; 20260 Calvi.