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Between 1755 and 1769 Corte was known as Pascal Paoli's capital of the "government of the Corsican nation" and it retains its position at the heart of Corsican history. The Corsican constitution was introduced here, a constitution that was admired by all of Europe of the Enlightenment. An historic town, Corte is also a young and lively city that plays host to more than 4000 students. Built on a rocky outcrop and overlooked by a citadel, the upper town is full of character with old houses on narrow cobbled streets. Set at the heart of the Regional Nature Park of Corsica, at the foot of some of the island's highest peaks, Corte is the perfect starting point for many excursions such as energetic hiking trips, leisurely strolls and family walks. It is also the ideal place to practise outdoor sports and at just 40 minutes away from the closest beaches, Central Corsica opens the way to four different regions, each with their own particular identity Ascu, which is a majestic valley with green waterfalls, where you can stop and bathe. It is also the name of a charming and picturesque village and a wild fauna reserve that is part of the Natura 2000 programme Here you will come across many shepherds that produce a delicious variety of cheeses. West of Corte, if you take the Scala di Regina, you weill reach the Niolo region, a high plateau surrounded by Corsica's highest peaks and villages. It is an ideal location for hiking along routes that will take you to Monte Cintu, along the Albertacce archaeological trail, the Lozzi nature trail and to many mountain lakes. It is land of the moufflon and the bearded vulture and if you fancy getting up to their heights, why not have a go at paragliding from Alturghja. A real adrenaline rush guaranteed.

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