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Sant'Antonio, a perfectly preserved medieval eyrie, Pigna, a lively craft centre and Corbara with its highly Baroque church of the Annunciation and convent that are still used as a place of retreat. On the heights of Balagne, you will find the region of Ghjunsani where you cannot fail to get away from it all in this place of wild nature. From Belgodere, that is perched on a rocky outcrop overhanging the Reginu valley, a hiking trail will take you to Olmi Capella. Vallica dominates the hillsides that are cut into terraces and set within a majestic mountain ridge. From Mausoleo and, Pioggiola you can walk in a landscape dotted with Genoese bridges and chapels. Further to the north, the Ostriconi valley falls into the sea creating a sumptuous white sandy beach. This region was Corsica's former oil-producing area. Here you will discover many mills, the beautiful village of Lama that is overlooked by Mount Astu, and Pietralba set within its mountain ridge. TO SEE - At Calvi, the Genoese citadel, visit the pretty Baroque church of Saint John the Baptist that contains the "Christ des Miracles" which, it is said, led to the end of the siege of the town by the Turks in 1553. Also take time to look behind the pink door to the church of Sainte-Marie-Majeure and that of the Oratory of the Brother-hood of Saint Antoine. Why not visit the Revellata peninsula with its remarkable seabed and head up to Notre Dame de la Serra to enjoy its commanding views over the bay. On the le Rousse, tour around the market place with its 21 columns and go for a lovely stroll along the Marinella and visit the traditional coffee-making plant. At Aregno, you can admire the church of the Trinity of San Giovanni, a remarkable Roman work of art, decorated with magnificent statues, including one of a man extracting a needle from his foot, as a symbol of the evil that can be extracted from the soul. TO EXPLORE - Off the beaten track, the gulf of Galeria offers wild beauty to hikers and diving enthusiasts alike. TO DO - A II types of water sports are available all year round. At Calvi, you can go sailing at the sailing school and the water never goes below 14 even in the winter! You can also go cycling along the coast and if you follow the "Strada di I'Artigiani" it will lead you to the craftspeople that continue the traditions passed down over generations, also do not forget to visit the wine cellars. TO TASTE - Olive oil and in particular "niellaghja" olive oil that is a local speciality; "oliosi" which are biscuits made with Lama olive oil and the Sant'Antonino "croquants", small crunchy almond biscuits.